Congratulations to our Teacher and School-Related Employee of the Year!

We are proud to announce the 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year and School-Related Employee of the Year for Roberts Elementary. Congratulations to Mrs. Rebecca Bruzek and Mrs. Pamela Flores!! You ladies are amazing!

Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Bruzek School-Related Employee of the Year: Mrs. Flores



Important Notice: COVID19 Update

If your child has been tested for coronavirus, please do not send your child to school until you receive a negative test result. 

Please notify the school about the situation so that arrangements can be made for your child to participate in online learning.

If a member of your household has tested positive, please do not send your child to school and call the Florida Department of Health at 863-519-7911 for further direction.

 Thank you for your cooperation.

Cell Phone Policy

In an effort to minimize distractions and increase learning all cell phones and other electronic devices are to be put away in backpacks while on campus. Electronics may be used for educational purposes during class if the teacher or an Administrator has allowed it.  Any emergency communications can be made by calling the office.